Transformational Music by Jim Oliver

Emmy Award winning, multi keyboardist musician and composer Jim Oliver is a highly regarded pioneer of healing with sound and color. Since 1982 he has created more than 3500 hours of transformational self-healing music. Jim’s musical career has encompassed a wide range from performing with a symphony orchestra to being a composer-in-Residence at Sundance Institute with Robert Redford. He is an extremely popular guest on radio shows and telesummits world-wide.
Jim’s music study began nearly 60 years ago when at age 5 Jim began piano lessons. Ultimately, Jim majored in Classical Organ at Hartt College of Music. He has passionately pursued the understanding of how music resonates with Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions with the focus of being of the highest service through music and harmonized color.
His special gift is to spontaneously welcome the Music of the Spheres. You experience the music with every cell in your body and the very Essence of your Beingness / Your True Self.
Jim has recently developed Harmonies of Light – A one-of-a-kind lighting system that as Jim plays live music, the mathematically related colors shine. This is a profound, multi-dimensional experience. Jim globally livestreams Harmonies of Light Music and Color Meditation Experiences to people simultaneously connecting with each other from all over the world. This offers an expanded, cohesive and harmonized place for self-healing and self-awareness with full integration of Your True Self. True Freedom – True Liberation.
Jim’s music is a beautiful blend of art and science that is immediately engaging and rejuvenating.
Dr. Bruce Lipton enjoys playing Jim’s music while writing. He finds Jim’s music to be “so calming and intellectually energizing.”
Jim provided live music for a very special event with Braco at the United Nations Chapel in NYC and participated in a special meditation for World Peace at the UN Meditation Room. Jim’s recording Harmonic Resonance is listed in the Top 10 Spiritual Play List in the best selling book DaVinci Decoded by Michael Gelb.

Here is what Debra Poneman and others write about Jim’s music.
Jim Oliver’s music is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. You don’t listen to this music, you experience it. In fact, every cell of your body experiences it. It creates coherence in your brain and opens you to an influx of light, love and deep peace. I truly believe this music is a technique for spiritual awakening. I am counting the days until September 27th. I can’t even imagine the power of this music coupled with harmonically coordinated color. Just the thought of it takes my breath away.
Debra Poneman, bestselling author and Founder of Yes to Success Seminars, Inc.

“Bravo Jim! A “splendid and marvelous” musical experience of the highest level. A beautiful journey into the inner worlds of deep serenity and peace. I loved the clarity and crispness of the tones, layered with many levels of possibility and potential. Thank you from my heart for a blessed journey of Light and Sound. It took me about 45 minutes to come back. Still feeling the effects ..”
Kenji Kumara, Seattle, WA

From Auntie White Dove Kahuna Elder; Re: Your music Living In Heaven On Earth
Aloha Oliver thank you for your music which I listened to and felt my Higher Heart soar,
blissful thanks to you and the guidance you are given. For humanity and through your music I felt you touch millions. Mahlonui Auntie White Dove

Hi Jim. First – Thank you for that out of this world and beyond description musical event you offered everyone. As I listened there were times when I cried, my body shook, I laughed, I lost any sense of a personal sense, felt the bliss and I know that I am eternally changed and shifted through the vibrations you offered. Bless you and Deep, Deep Gratitude and Joy that you are here with us Jim. – Much Love, Miri


“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jim for this gift!!
The moment your music started, I felt it go inside me through every pore of my being, making me feel one with it and with all………….Beautiful!”

Thank You. I work in a Multi-Sensory Center in Delaware with many handicapped and autistic consumers. For one of the autistic young men I play Harmonic Resonance every day from Monday to Friday. The changes in him in thirty minutes are wonderful. He goes from screaming and self-abuse to a happy camper. After about twenty minutes of track one he begins to laugh and leaves his session smiling. Great work Jim Oliver. Thank you.

“Wow!!!  Beautiful!!!  As I listened I had the real sense of the Divine coming through you. Thank you for sharing your gift!”  Judy

“Absolutely gorgeous! Touched me in such a beautiful way. Music for the soul. Thank you so much!!! Such a gift you have.”  Carol

“Jim, your beautiful music has a magical way of taking us into another dimension…another realm. I truly felt that I was floating amongst the stars with the angels serenading…and experiencing “heaven right here on earth”. Thank you so much!”  Karen

“Jim Oliver’s music is one of the best examples I know of “healing music,” music to relax, and heal the body, mind and soul. I use his music in my music therapy sessions. His music is a ‘must have’ for people interested in the full potential of music to heal.” Barbara J. Crowe, MT-BC Arizona State University Director of Music Therapy

Here are 3 videos from the studio:
Watch The Mystery of Love
Watch Essence
Watch Starfield